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Compulsive Gambling

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Course Description:
Problem and compulsive gambling is an ever increasing issue in our society, and yet it is one of the more silent addictions. Compulsive gambling can destroy social, personal and occupational or educational performance. A gambling addiction, like any other addiction, is characterized by loss of control, preoccupation, compulsivity, narrowing of interests, dishonesty, guilt and chronic relapse. In this course, a variety of topics will be covered including: distinguishing between various types of gambling including problem and compulsive gambling; prevalence rates, clinical definitions of gambling disorders (i.e., the DSM-5 diagnostic criteria); assessment; screening instruments; and prevention approaches. This course will also provide an overview of the history of Gambling in the US and abroad. The relationship between gambling disorders and other addictions will also be examined.

Audience: Addiction Treatment and Prevention Professionals, Counselors, Public Health Professionals, Education

Prereqruisites: None

Approval No: 2082020C107D

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