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Co-Occurring Disorder Assessment

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Course Description:
This course provides students and professionals with an in-depth understanding of co-occurring substance use and mental disorders including how common they are, the history of co-occurring disorders, the multiple problems they create, and the impact they have on treatment and treatment outcome. The course will provide a thorough explanation of key definitions, terms, and classification systems for co-occurring disorders. ASAM criteria for patient placement will be introduced and reviewed along with an overview of evidenced based screening and assessment tools and treatment strategies for the clinician. The student will review mental health disorders diagnoses and common psychopharmacological interventions; students will have the opportunity to develop an understanding of appropriate medications used for various mental disorders and substance induced disorders. This course will also provide guidance in the areas of confidentiality and professional responsibilities of the addictions counselor in relation to co-occurring disorders.

Audience: Addiction and Mental Health Professionals

Prereqruisites: C101 (Initial Interviewing), C102 (Biopsychosocial Assessment), C104 (Differential Diagnosis), C109 (Assessment Tools)

Approval No: 2082017C108D

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