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Assessment Tools

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Course Description:
This course provides a comprehensive overview of the basic principles involved in using assessment tools, inventories, observational procedures, and other forms of assessment in addictions counseling. The basic appraisal concepts, various instruments, procedures, methods, and interview techniques used for substance abuse/dependency and other addictions are covered for the purpose of developing competency in evaluation. The course also presents a basic introduction of statistical concepts in a simple and useful manner. This course stresses the importance of counselors being good consumers of assessment tools to avoid misusing tools in manners harmful to clients. Multicultural and ethical issues in assessment are also explored.

Audience: Individuals seeking initial Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor certification.

Prereqruisites: C101 (Initial Screening) and C102 (Biopsychosocial Assessment)

Approval No: 2082017C109D

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