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Addiction Focused Counseling

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Course Description:
This course will cover the various modalities of drug and alcohol treatment options. It will review the various categories of treatment and the criterion for such treatment. The course will review the three modalities of substance abuse treatment; pre-treatment, rehabilitation & maintenance. The three stages of recovery; early, middle & late recovery will be discussed in details and compared. A review of relapse prevention preparation will be discussed. The controversial contingency management interventions will be reviewed and termination from treatment will be discussed. The Addiction Severity Index (ASI) & the patient placement profile (PPC2) will be reviewed in some details. A discussion on the harm reduction approach to treatment will be reviewed and the three main self help groups; AA, NA & ALANON will be reviewed.

Audience: Addiction Professionals, Social Workers, Counselors, and Allied Health Professionals

Prereqruisites: None

Approval No: 2082017C204D

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