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Legal Aspects

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Course Description:
While much of the information presented will be of interest to all addiction professionals, this course is specifically designed to meet New Jersey’s regulatory requirements. Students will learn to adhere to federal, state and agency regulations regarding alcohol and other drug abuse treatment by following appropriate procedures to protect client rights. Students will become familiar with the Federal Confidentiality Regulations, 42CFR – Part 2. The course will help students become familiar with HIPPA regulations as pertaining to SUD records. Students will understand the regulations of the New Jersey “Alcohol and Drug Counselor Licensing and Certification Act” and the regulations intended to codify the provisions of the statutes. Learning the difference between the CADC and the LCADC credential, becoming familiar with the training and credentialing requirement for the maintaining certification and licensure will also be covered.

Audience: Addiction Professionals, Social Workers, Counselors, and Allied Health Professionals

Prereqruisites: None

Approval No: 2082019C502D

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