2018 New Year Special For Addiction Professionals

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Online course list

Purchase any of our 45 online courses at a reduced price of only $45.99 from now until March 31st.

Addiction Focused Counseling (C204) $45.99
Addiction Recovery (C401) $45.99
Addiction Recovery & Family Psychological Education (C405) $45.99
Alcohol, Sedative and Hallucinogens (C409) $45.99
Assessment Tools (C109) $45.99
Biochemical and Sociocultural Family Education (C406) $45.99
Biochemical/Medical Client Education (C403) $45.99
Biopsychosocial Assessment (C102) $45.99
Child and Family Services (C306) $45.99
Co-Occurring Disorder Assessment (C108) $45.99
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (C207) $45.99
Community and Professional Education (C407) $45.99
Community Involvement (C508) $45.99
Community Resources (C301) $45.99
Compulsive Gambling (C107) $45.99
Consultation (C302) $45.99
Consultation (C509) $45.99
Counseling Skills (C202) $45.99
Criminal Justice System (C307) $45.99
Crisis Intervention (C203) $45.99
Cultural Competency (C503) $45.99
Diagnostic Summaries (C103) $45.99
Differential Diagnosis (C104) $45.99
Dimensions of Recovery (C506) $45.99
Disability Services (C308) $45.99
Documentation (C303) $45.99
Employment Services (C309) $45.99
Ethical Standards (C501) $45.99
Family Counseling (C206) $45.99
Group Counseling (C205) $45.99
HIV and Resources (C304) $45.99
Initial Interviewing (C101) $45.99
Introduction to Counseling (C201) $45.99
Legal Aspects (C502) $45.99
Mental Health Services (C305) $45.99
Motivational Interviewing / Motivational Enhancement Therapy (C208) $45.99
Opiate and Stimulant Education (C408) $45.99
Perinatal/Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Assessment (C106) $45.99
Personal Growth (C505) $45.99
Pharmacological Approaches to Nicotine Dependencies (C209) $45.99
Pharmacology and Physiology (C105) $45.99
Professional Growth (C504) $45.99
Psychological Client Education (C402) $45.99
Sociocultural Client Education (C404) $45.99
Supervision (C507) $45.99

This offer ends at the end of March 31, 2018