Certified Prevention Specialist (CPS) Course

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Visit the Wellspring Center for Prevention website to view a list of onsite CPS classes for those seeking their certifications.

CPS courses

Cultural Competency (P603)

Prevention Specialists are experts in Planning and Evaluation, Prevention Education and Service Delivery, Communication, Community Organization, Public Policy and Environmental Change. They are employed in schools, by non-profits, in government, and through faith-based organizations. Prevention professionals work to educate children, families and communities about the dangers of alcohol and other drugs. They also help children develop the life skills they'll need to avoid destructive behaviors that can lead to problems. They help families learn how to communicate better, and they give parents the skills they need to raise healthy children who make smart choices.

Through the efforts of Mindcross Trainings and Wellspring, we are able to offer one CPS class online.

That course is Cultural Competency (P603). This course will increase cultural awareness, discuss the need for change, and importance of competency for the prevention professional. It will focus on understanding different cultures on a worldwide-bases, building skills necessary for effectively working within certain communities and populations as well as identifying different resources that can aid in providing the best cultural practice.

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