Purchasing Process

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To purchase a course click on the Add to Cart button located near the course for which you want to register.

After you add the course(s) to your cart your 'cart' will appear. On the cart window click on the Checkout button when you are ready to purchase your selected items. This will begin the checkout process.

PayPal Checkout

We use PayPal for payment processing. During this process you can pay using your PayPal account or you can simply pay with a charge card.

Your courses can be paid for using Visa, Master Charge, Discover, or American Express. After you complete your purchase, you will receive a confirmation directly from PayPal. Note that the credit card charge will be under NCADD of Middlesex

Once you purchase your first course all subsequent courses can be purchased by simply signing into PayPal, as PayPal will retain your credit card or account information from your previous purchase.

For more information on PayPal, read about the PayPal checkout process.